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May 18, 2018


Novel once-monthly drug prevents migraines in adults

FDA has approved erenumab-aooe for once-monthly preventive treatment of migraine in adults.

Given by self-injection, it is the first FDA-approved preventive migraine treatment in a new class of drugs that work by blocking the activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide, a molecule involved in migraine attacks.

“Aimovig provides patients with a novel option for reducing the number of days with migraine,” said an FDA spokesperson.

Effectiveness of the agent to prevent migraine was evaluated in three clinical trials. The first study, which included 955 participants with a history of episodic migraine, compared erenumab-aooe with placebo. Over a 6-month period, patients treated with erenumab-aooe experienced, on average, one to two fewer monthly migraine days than those on placebo.

The second study included 577 patients with a history of episodic migraine and compared erenumab-aooe with placebo. Over 3 months, patients experienced, on average, one fewer migraine day per month than those on placebo.

In the third study of 667 patients with a history of chronic migraine, patients treated with erenumab-aooe over the course of 3 months experienced, on average, 2.5 fewer monthly migraine days than those receiving placebo. 

The most common adverse effects were injection-site reactions and constipation.